Alignment systems for
rotating machinery

Our precision alignment systems are proven to increase machine uptime
and productivity while lowering energy and operation costs. This makes them real money savers!

Alignment Systems Product Overview

Shaft alignment systems

In our modular systems that are easy to use, you will always find a solution to your shaft alignment requirements.

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Geometrical measurement systems

Flatness, level, perpendicularity, parallelism and more …

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Equipment for monitoring positional changes

Real-time monitoring of machine and structure foundations and process-related machine movements in operation, such as thermal growth expansion.

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Software for alignment systems

The common software platform to prepare, organize and archive measurement files and create professional reports.

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Alignment Systems Apps

Laser alignment on tablets and smartphones

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Belt pulley alignment systems

Reduce noise, wear and vibrations.

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Quick and stable mounting of measurement components on various types of shafts.

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A wide range of shims for all kinds of machine alignment situations.

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Our services bring your machines
back to smooth operation: