ROTALIGN Ultra iS Vibration Acceptance Check

Laser alignment system with integrated vibration measurement

ROTALIGN Ultra iS Vibration Acceptance Check - Alignment system with integrated vibration measurement

Make sure that your machines run without restrictions after alignment

  • The vibration check following the alignment ensures that the machine can be operated without restrictions.
  • No additional accessories are required with ROTALIGN Ultra iS.
  • External parameters can be entered into the ROTALIGN Ultra iS computer
  • Wireless data transmission between VIBTOOL and ROTALIGN Ultra iS computer
  • Save, document and report vibration measurement results.



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Measuring vibration of a running machine before and after alignment.

Running on the ROTALIGN Ultra iS platform, the Vibration Acceptance Check add-on module allows measuring the machine vibration before and after the alignment job without extra hardware.

It can additionally work in combination with the VIBTOOL device to measure vibration level according to ISO 10816-3 international standard. The RMS velocity value is wirelessly transferred and stored onto the ROTALIGN Ultra iS where the result is instantly evaluated against the machine classification threshold.

This fulfils the recommendation of the acceptance check after installation of rotating machinery or any alignment job, ensuring that machines run without restrictions. The automatically generated vibration acceptance check report can be either issued separately or included within the shaft alignment report. VIBTOOL also measures the following parameters: vibration severity, bearing condition, temperature, and pump cavitation.

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