Cloud-enabled laser shaft alignment system

ROTALIGN touch laser alignment tool with touchscreen

Precision Meets Connectivity


  • Tablet-like capacitive touchscreen with 3D display
  • Extremely durable with strengthened glass screen and tough housing
  • High measurement quality with intelliSWEEP
  • Live Move with acoustic assistant
  • Voice recognition for hands-free operation
  • Inbuilt mobile connectivity: RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and integrated camera
  • Free cloud space and alignment software*
  • Live Trend to monitor continuously relative machine positional changes
  • Vibration Spot Check to measure overall values
  • intelliPASS and intelliPOINT measurement modes for uncoupled shafts


* both included in the 'connectivity' and 'fully featured' versions

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Cloud-enabled laser shaft alignment job with ROTALIGN touch

ROTALIGN touch is the first cloud-enabled touchscreen laser shaft alignment system with integrated mobile connectivity.


Be ready to change the way you align. 3D display animations, capacitive touchscreen and wizard guidance make the alignment experience as easy as using a tablet or smartphone.

Voice control frees up both your hands when the alignment job really gets hands-on. The functionality may even be operated with Bluetooth headsets in noisy machine halls.

Powered by the unique sensALIGN and intelliSWEEP measurement technology, ROTALIGN touch features the simultanous Live Move mode, now enhanced with an accoustic move assistant to guide you to the correct alignment.


Besides offering the best usability in the market, ROTALIGN touch is also the first laser alignment tool fully designed to meet the requirements of the smart factory.


With the new ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY CENTER 4.0 software, work orders may be sent via the cloud to a mobile ROTALIGN touch device anywhere in the world and measurement results are sent back straight from the laser alignment tool into the software for monitoring, archiving and advanced reporting.

Asset-specific work orders and RFID machine identification make it possible to track the alignment condition of individual assets over time making alignment data a dynamic condition monitoring parameter for asset management and condition-based maintenance programs.

The integrated camera enables visual asset and job documentation making the alignment job even easier the next time.




What’s new in ROTALIGN touch firmware version 1.1?

•    Live trend
•    14 Machine train
•    intelliPOINT measurement mode
•    intelliPASS measurement mode
•    Full measurement table, including alignment job concept
•    Additional Coupling formats
•    Tolerance screen
•    Quality parameters screen
•    Pictures within the report
•    Vibration Check

Please note: ROTALIGN touch Version 1.1 strictly requires ARC 4.0 Version 1.1 to communicate

How to Upgrade computer firmware:
ROTALIGN touch - ALI 50.200 computer upgrade procedure

  1. Please ensure ROTALIGN touch computer is charged or has at least 50% battery capacity.
  2. Extract executable file to empty PRUFTECHNIK USB memory stickFirmware is stored in "ROTALIGNtouch" folder.
  3. Switch on ROTALIGN touch computer. Wait for Home screen to appear.
  4. Connect USB memory stick to ROTALIGN touch computer USB port. New firmware copied from USB memory stick to ROTALIGN touch computer.
  5. After approximately 1 minute on-screen message box appears stating new upgrade firmware found. Tap green tick button to start upgrade. Remove USB memory stick from ROTALIGN touch computer.
  6. ROTALIGN touch computer restarts and firmware upgrade begins.
  7. After completion of firmware upgrade ROTALIGN touch computer restarts and finishes in Home screen.