Roll alignment

Roller parallelism with the PARALIGN service

Roll alignment with the patented PARALIGN

Improve quality and avoid downtimes

  • Avoid creasing, non-symmetrical winding, inhomogeneous layer thicknesses
  • Avoid web breaks and premature wear of system components
  • Drastically reduced measuring time: Take advantage of even short downtimes for roller measurement
  • Measurement results are not dependent on visual accessibility and different temperature profiles, for example in the measurement of dry sections.
  • Measurement results and their analysis are immediately available on-site.


Customer Voices

"PARALIGN is very fast and easier to use than
optical measuring devices. Four times more
cylinders can be measured with PARALIGN
than using traditional optical measuring devices."

Research Scientist,

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Worldwide PARALIGN service

PRUFTECHNIK offers the PARALIGN service internationally through a network of subsidiaries and service partners. Our service includes equipment rental, two qualified service technicians, travel costs and the preparation and presentation of the measurement results – with no hidden costs.

Production systems in the paper, converting and steel industries require increasingly higher speeds and larger working widths. On the other hand, product quality requirements have also continuously increased. The parallel alignment of rollers is therefore more important than ever. Even small installation deviations during replacement of a roller or changes in the foundation affect the parallelism of rollers. This often results in web runs or breaks.

Roller parallelism is a must – and with PARALIGN now easier than ever!

In 2003 PRUFTECHNIK presented the revolutionary roller alignment system PARALIGN. It allows measurement and correction of single rollers, entire roller groups and even complete machines, faster and more precisely than other methods. The measurements are documented in real time, both graphically and numerically. Well over 1000 plants have been optimized in this way in the past few years. No more misalignment; no breaks, no creases! 

PARALIGN can improve your productivity with precise roll alignment.

In the following industries PRUFTECHNIK offers the unique and revolutionary PARALIGN service.

  • Pulp and paper
  • Steel sheet
  • Printing industry
  • Converting