Test laboratory

The visible evidence for PRUFTECHNIK's unique measurement accuracy.

PRUFTECHNIK test and calibration lab

Developing the measurement technologies of the future.

  • Basis for the verifiable quality of our measurement instruments

  • Unique combination of top test facilities

  • In operation daily for the calibration, production and development of our products.

Doors to the PRUFTECHNIK test lab

Our test laboratory is the core of our development and manufacturing processes. It offers the best test conditions for the quality assurance of our products based on advanced techniques such as ventilation and temperature control devices, optimized LED lighting, specific suspension of the measurement tables, etc.

All these testing facilities in one place make our test lab unique:

  • A motion simulator for 3-D calibration of our measuring instruments such as PARALIGN or INCLINEO.

  • A rectangular 6m x 2m granite table (12 tons) for the measurement of flatness and straightness as early as in the development stage.

  • A 11-meter long granite table (11 tons) for the calibration and measurement of our laser components. The cushioned and spring-mounted concrete base protects the tables from external vibrations. The tables are also permanently leveled through special control techniques.

  • Automated measurement stations for the linearization of our sensors in various accuracy classes, notably with the highest accuracy for our sensALIGN sensors.

  • Measuring stations for the calibration of our sensors in terms of angle and offset.

We are proud to prove the unique quality of our products with our own test lab. As a technology driver, it is important to us to continue defining new standards to always guarantee the highest level of maintenance technology.