The efficiency of laser shaft alignment


Laser shaft alignment easy and cost-effective


SHAFTALIGN OS3 combines efficiency and ease of use to make your first steps with a laser alignment tool as easy as possible. The tool is ideal for any type of standard shaft alignment job such as a motor-pump set.

Because it is so intuitive, it is the perfect tool for the occasional use and even untrained users can easily perform shaft alignment with SHAFTALIGN OS3.

Packed with all the essential functionalities with no strain on your budget, the modular system can be expanded with more powerful options to suit application-specific requirements.

The Bluetooth module for wireless communication is included in the basic configuration.

In addition, SHAFTALIGN OS3 is compatible with the ALIGNMENT CENTER software for professional reporting and managing your alignment jobs.



SHAFTALIGN 0S3 The efficiency of laser shaft alignment

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Demonstration (in mm) for a shaft alignment job with SHAFTALIGN

Click here to simulate your shaft alignment job with SHAFTALIGN.

Demo in mm

Demo in inch