VIBCODE® condition monitoring

VIBCODE® Transducer and Displacement Sensors – Safe and Straightforward

When it comes to industrial production, keeping your machines running smoothly is key. Luckily, PRUFTECHNIK offers an array of sensors and accessories to help you perform accurate condition monitoring at your facility. Having the right vibration sensors at your side can help you to avoid costly shutdowns and allocate your resources better.

The VIBCODE® transducer from PRUFTECHNIK (compatible with VIBROTIP®, VIBSCANNER®, VIBXPERT®) is an intelligent data collector that makes vibration data acquisition simple. We’re experts in vibration sensors and more: Our displacement sensors let you measure shaft vibration and displacement from a safe distance, while our accelerometers are versatile enough to handle all kinds of industrial vibration measurements. Our range also includes RPM sensors and a temperature probe.

Conduct safe and accurate condition monitoring while your machines are running with our collection of clever sensors and practical accessories.

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