VIBGUARD® condition monitoring

Critical Machine Monitoring with VIBGUARD® and VIBGUARD® Portable

VIBGUARD® and VIBGUARD® Portable bring advanced condition monitoring and troubleshooting systems to a range of machines. Designed to protect and improve production time through the reduction of downtime, both VIBGUARD® and VIBGUARD® Portable are fast, flexible and completely modular.

VIBGUARD® features 20 synchronous measurement channels with continuous data recording to ensure seamless machine monitoring. Digital inputs and outputs connect to existing networks through Ethernet or Modbus TCP, with checks for cables and sensors being performed automatically by VIBGUARD®.

VIBGUARD® Portable is the compact and versatile companion to the VIBGUARD® system that makes troubleshooting on complex machines simple. Housed within a rugged aluminum case and featuring integrated connectors for sensors and other communications, VIBGUARD® Portable brings ultimate flexibility for on-site machine diagnosis.

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