VIBROTIP® data collector

VIBROTIP® EX - Five Measurements and Data Collection in One Tool

Make informed decisions about your industrial rotating equipment with the help of VIBROTIP®, a tool that’s not only convenient, but precise and affordable, too.

The VIBROTIP® EX displays five essential parameters on a single hand-held device that also features built-in transducers. Now you can measure vibration severity, bearing condition, temperature, rotation speed, and pump cavitation at your facility without having to carry around multiple tools or worry about tangled cables.

What’s more, VIBROTIP® collects data as you measure, meaning you’ll have a full condition report on your PC once you’ve finished making the route. From there, you can store, analyze, and map your measurements onto graphs that can be shared with your team. VIBROTIP® EX is cost-effective and easy-to-use. Keep your machines in top condition with VIBROTIP®.

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