VIBSCANNER® EX data collector

VIBSCANNER® - Intuitive portable Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

When it comes to preventing failures, downtime, or damage to your machines and equipment, VIBSCANNER® is a trusted all-in-one tool. Performing predictive maintenance is easy with this hand-held offline condition monitoring system. That’s because the VIBSCANNER® EX offers comprehensive measurement, analysis, and reporting functions in a straightforward format.

VIBSCANNER® is ideal for measuring parameters on rotating equipment. It provides accurate readings of vibration, bearing condition, balancing, temperature, and rotational speed. Additionally, it delivers accurate signal analysis, trending curves, and FFT diagnosis essential to following or detecting machine defects.

Featuring a robust, waterproof case with 8-hour battery life, plus simple joystick navigation, VIBSCANNER® is an indispensable tool for everyday use. What’s more, it’s compatible with the OMNITREND® PC software that makes data analysis and reporting that much clearer.

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