PRUFTECHNIK on its way to market leadership

One doesn't become a global player overnight. The journey is long with many ups and downs. Consistent growth, innovative products and the continuous development of our distribution channels have been part of our company history for the past 40 years. The development phases we went through consolidated our competitive edge and we are proud of the milestones we have reached along the way.

The beginnings

Dieter Busch founded PRUFTECHNIK as a sales company in 1972, supplying monitoring devices to industrial manufacturing companies. Against a backdrop of significant technical advances, the sales program was rapidly expanded and PRUFTECHNIK evolved from a sales company into a business with its own development and production.

1972 - 1983


  • Founding of PRUFTECHNIK by Dieter Busch
  • Initial operations in the sale of equipment for roller bearing monitoring

1976/ 1977

  • PRUFTECHNIK sets up its own production and development facilities
  • Entering the area of non-destructive testing (NDT) and quality assurance with eddy current testing equipment


  • Entering the area of maintenance
  • Development and production of induction heating systems and vibration measurement devices


  • Entering the area of laser optical alignment systems
  • Company still the leader in this market segment today

The breakthrough

1984: Introduction of the first laser shaft alignment system OPTALIGN. A big success with an incredible impact on the evolution of PRUFTECHNIK.

Since then, PRUFTECHNIK has had the undisputed leading position in the market of laser optical alignment systems. This competitive advantage has allowed PRUFTECHNIK to become THE worldwide specialist in the ever-growing area of industrial maintenance.




The development

After the success of OPTALIGN, PRUFTECHNIK has consistently developed its product portfolio, gained new markets and started international operations in the following years.

1989 - 1999


  • New subsidiary in Singapore


  • First combined diagnosis and measurement system for rotating machines, including alignment, vibrations analysis (FFT), field balancing and machine diagnosis


  • New legal form: PRUFTECHNIK Dieter Busch AG


  • New subsidiary in France


  • Market launch of the first microprocessor-controlled laser optical shaft alignment system
  • New subsidiary in Great Britain


  • Further expansion of the area of Condition Monitoring
  • Development of both handheld vibration measurement devices and online monitoring systems for large machine parks
  • New subsidiary in Belgium


  • Launch of the first Internet-based remote diagnostic system for roller bearings and gears
  • Creation of PRUFTECHNIK NDT GmbH
  • New subsidiary in Italy


  • New subsidiary in Poland

Breaking into the new century

The continuous development of successful products and the introduction of new innovative products have paved the way into the 21st century. The smooth transition to the second generation of the family business has set the course for the future and promises continuity.

2000 - 2018


  • Market launch of the world’s first alignment system with laser gyros for measurement and control of roller parallelism



  • Foundation of two new business divisions:
    PRUFTECHNIK Alignment Systems GmbH and PRUFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring GmbH



  • New subsidiary in Spain



  • Creation of the Service and Diagnostic Center
  • New subsidiary in the USA



  • Second generation of the family-owned company takes the reins:
    Dr. Sebastian Busch is appointed Executive Director
  • New subsidiaries in Russia, Brazil, Canada and China
  • Expansion of the office and production areas at headquarters in Ismaning



  • New subsidiary in Japan



  • New subsidiary in India (joint venture)



  • New subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates



    • Certification as “Known Consignor”
    • New subsidiary in Turkey



    • Launch of OPTALIGN smart RS5



    • Merge of Alignment Systems and Condition Monitoring business units
    • Launch of ROTALIGN touch



    • North America: Successfully established PRUFTECHNIK USA with locations on East and West Coast
    • Brazil: Merger of PRUFTECHNIK Brazil and our partner MGS
    • Launch of the VIBGUARD compact



    • With the inclusion of the ultrasonic testing device SONOCHECK in the product portfolio, PRÜFTECHNIK opens a new chapter in the maintenance industry



    • The high speed data collector VIBSCANNER 2 is launched and evolves the mobile condition monitoring market