The intelligent alignment platform

ROTALIGN Ultra iS - The intelligent alignment platform

All-in-one: High-end system for shaft alignment and geometric measurements


  • Hundreds of positions measured, automatic evaluation of measurement quality and filtering of measurement points: intelliSWEEP.
  • Convenient alignment of uncoupled shafts: intelliPASS mode.
  • One-step machine corrections: simultaneous monitoring of machine corrections in vertical and horizontal directions at any sensor position (Live Move).
  • Handles any amount of misalignment (InfiniRange) including extra-large detector.
  • Integrated Bluetooth module: no extra accessories required.
  • Save measurement reports as PDF to a USB stick: no PC required.
  • Optional expert modules for more alignment applications. See 'More Applications' below.
ROTALIGN Ultra iS handles with ease alignment tasks on any type of rotating machines, couplings and shafts

No matter whether it is a motor-pump set or turbomachinery trains, ROTALIGN Ultra iS is a highly versatile system made to handle alignment on all types of rotating machines.  This best-of-breed laser alignment system will save you a lot of time and effort!

With intelliSWEEP, you only get the best measurement results under any external and environmental conditions. Using a number of quality factors such as vibration and backlash, poor quality measurement points are automatically filtered out.

Live Move enables one-step machine adjustments through the simultaneous monitoring of machine corrections in both vertical and horizontal directions with the sensor at any angular position on the shaft. Not only does this save a lot of time and effort but it is also extremely useful in case of restricted access to predetermined shaft positions.

The modular system is easily configured with expert modules such as Vibration Acceptance Check, Live Trend for the monitoring of thermal growth, simultaneous multi-coupling measurement, RFID machine identification, and geometric measurements.

A class 1 Bluetooth module is integrated. PDF reports can be generated and directly saved from the system onto a USB stick. Our alignment software is used for preparing, analyzing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports.

"The alignment of our machines can now be accomplished in just a short period of time, with time savings of several hours for each pump."

Head of service, Hydropower Industry



"This had made our job much less frustrating at times! And greatly improved alignment time!"

Mechanic Millwright



"Our work has been documented and can be used for internal quality assurance. That’s immensely important considering the strict regulations we need to comply with in the interest of maintaining excellent water quality."


Jochen Schwenz, Head of the Service Department, Haltern Waterworks of GELSENWASSER AG





ROTALIGN Ultra 3.12 including:
Shaft Alignment 3.11, Flatness 3.10, Straightness 3.10, Right Angle Check 3.10, Live Trend 3.10, Bore Alignment 2.40 and Hydropower 2.20

This is the latest available firmware for the ROTALIGN Ultra computer ALI 4.202 with the serial numbers 4321 3xxx (5th digit equal or superior to 3) for both ROTALIGN & sensALIGN measurement sensors/lasers.
A PRÜFTECHNIK approved USB memory stick is required for the update. Please read the update instructions carefully before proceeding. 


Firmware update instructions (PDF)


What’s new in ROTALIGN Ultra firmware version 3.12?

  • Bore application support for RS5 laser


ROTALIGN Ultra Shaft, Flatness, BORALIGN and Straightness Firmware 1.84

This is the latest available firmware for the ROTALIGN Ultra computer ALI 4.200 (blue faceplate).
The update includes Shaft version 1.26, Flatness version 1.20, BORALIGN version 1.11 and Straightness version 1.14. You need a usb-stick to update your device.


Measurement of machine positional changes with ROTALIGN Ultra iS Live Trend
Measurement of machine positional changes
Vibration acceptance check without extra accessoriesAcceptance Check
Vibration acceptance check without extra accessories
Alignment Transfer App
Alignment Transfer App
Geometrical alignment
Geometrical alignment
Cardan shaft alignment
Cardan shaft alignment
Multiple coupling
Multiple coupling
Vertical machine alignment
Vertical machine alignment