Ultrasonic testing device for leak detection

SONOCHEK – The ultrasonic testing device

Next-generation leak detection with SONOCHEK


  • Large frequency bandwidth: 20-100 kHz
  • Leak analysis, evaluation and instant reporting
  • Airborne and structure-borne sensors
  • Optional PC-Software for analysis of ultrasound phenomena
  • Optional ultrasound emitter for air tightness test
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    Next-generation leak detection with SONOCHEK
    Next-generation leak detection with SONOCHEK
    Recording of a floating steam trap in SONOLEVEL DATAVIEWER
    The DATAVIEWER software package comes in a box including a USB memory stick with full installation files and instructions.

    SONOCHEK is a digital ultrasonic testing device to detect inaudible waves and frequencies in the air or in a metal machine frame.
    It is primarily used to detect leaks in any industrial air and gas pressure pipes and vacuum systems.

    Its detecting range reaches from 20 up to 100 kHz. These frequencies are inaudible to human ears, but SONOCHEK can detect them and make them audible and visible, while specifying the leak and evaluating the total amount of loss, all of which can be combined in a full report. An integrated camera and microphone enable the engineer to comment on his findings and refine the final report.

    SONOCHEK comes with two apps for the detection and analysis of leaks and other anomalies:


    • SONOLEVEL: Pipe leak detection, electrical inspection, steam trap inspection, machine condition monitoring

    • SONOLEAK: Automatic leak analysis and evaluation of the amount of loss caused by the leakage according to five different rating levels.


    High-performance airborne and structure-borne sensors and accessories are available in various product configurations. For package information, please contact us.


    • Airborne sound sensor DBS10 with 3 different horns: Find and evaluate leaks in pipes and at windows, doors, etc. Detect electrical partial discharge and insulation damage
    • Structure-borne and temperature sensor DBS20 with magnet adapter and 150 mm waveguide (optional): Monitoring of ultrasound emitted by rotating machine parts e.g. bearings, monitoring of lubrication states, functional check of condensate drains and valves
    • Parabolic long-range sensor DBS30 (optional): Leak detection from a distance of up to 25 meters
    • Ultrasound emitter DBT10 (optional): Air tightness checks on windows, doors and containers. Also used in shipbuilding and aircraft construction, road and rail vehicles. The intensity of the signal can be adjusted depending on the environmental sound level.
    • Silicon-free
    Recording of a floating steam trap in SONOLEVEL DATAVIEWER
    The DATAVIEWER software package comes in a box including a USB memory stick with full installation files and instructions.

    The SONOLEVEL DATAVIEWER enables analysts to save time by identifying defects at first sight through the clear visualization of data in level graphs and spectrograms showing ultrasound phenomena such as the status of steam traps or the type of partial electrical discharge. Users can also easily replay recordings and compare reports e.g. of identical bearings. 

    The DATAVIEWER software can be easily installed on a Windows-PC or tablet (min. requirement Windows 7) for on-site evaluation. Export to CSV format is fully supported for data archiving and trending.

    SONOCHEK Apps Update

    This upgrade contains:

    • SONOLEVEL App Version 1.3.2
    • SONOLEAK App Version 1.3.2
    • SONOCHEK Core Version 1.3.1
    • SOFTWARE Manager Version 1.3.2

    Note: Please refer to the SONOCHEK PDF manual on your device chapter 3.9 on how to install the update.

    What is New?



    • Personalized amplitudes in spectrograms with free colour scale
    • Import pictures via gallery
    • New .mp3 format for voice memos



    • Selection of the unit system for temperature data: metric or imperial (C° or °F)
    • Adjustment of sampling rate (4ms to 128ms)
    • New button for resetting Lmin and Lmax value

    In SONOLEAK App:


    • New leak assessment algorithm for even larger leakages
    • Editable rating ranges (leak classification limits)
    • Colored icons for rating class instead of numbers in leak list

    Short instructions:


    1. Copy the .apk files to the SONOCHEK folder on your device
    2. Start the software manager on your SONOCHEK
    3. Tap the Refresh icons next to the Apps
    4. Select ‘all’ and ‘Install’
    5. Done

    Please back up your measurement files before installation.