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Trade-In & Trade-Up with Prüftechnik

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to the newest Prüftechnik laser shaft alignment and vibration analysis tools.

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Get up to a 20% discount
when upgrading to a new Prüftechnik tool

Take your chance - now

Trade-In & Trade-Up with Prüftechnik, a Fluke Reliability Company, and get up to a 20% discount when upgrading to a Shaft Alignment or Condition Monitoring tool

This program is valid from 1st May 2023 through 31st July 2023. Trade-in your legacy Prüftechnik or comparable product from another manufacturer and receive up to 20% off your new vibration analysis, balancing or shaft alignment tool.

Trade in your maintenance system

Qualifying trade-in products


• Competitor brands are eligible if comparable to Prüftechnik products.

• Prüftechnik systems VibScanner, VibScanner EX, ShaftAlign/Aligneo, OptAlign Plus, OptAlign Plus EX,SmartAlign, OptAlign smart, OptAlign Smart RS5, RotAlign, RotAlign Pro, RotAlign Ultra, RotAlign Ultra II, RotAlign Ultra iS

• Tool not working? No problem. No proof of functionality is required.

• Trade-In will be for a new VibXpert 2, VibScanner 2, VibScanner 2 EX, VibXpert EX, RotAlign Touch*, RotAlign Touch EX*, OptAlign Touch* or ShaftAlign*

* Ask for the Extended Warranty programm to maximize your ROI

** 20% depending on the device


Process: Send an email to your sales representative with the following information:

• Product name and serial number

• Product which you are most interested in

• Contact info: name, company, email, and phone

• You will receive a call back and/or email with a quote and further information with next steps

Laser Shaft alignment and vibration analysis tools

Contact your sales representative and request your upgrade today!