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The superior solution for the alignment of bores, bearings and diaphragms


Flexible solution for any bore diameter

Measurement diameters from 45 - 4233mm

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Easy to use and accurate

Single-laser technology, built-in inclinometer, and wireless data transfer saves time during setup and measurement

Long distance measurement

Long distance up to 50 m (Long Range Laser)

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What is Adaptive Alignment?

Learn about the next generation of laser alignment systems

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CENTRALIGN Ultra – modular power for demanding alignment jobs

  • True bore center measurement with exclusive brackets and measurement technology

  • Relative bore centerline measurement: determination of eccentricity error

  • Highest accuracy with measurement of at least three points over the bore

  • Universal pointer brackets, large bore brackets and customized brackets for bore diameters ranging from 45 mm (1.77“) to 4.230 mm (166.5“)

  • Laser range distance up to 50 m (1,968.50”) with the Long Range Laser

  • Measurement of both magnetic and nonmagnetic bores

  • Integrated inclinometer: measurement can be started at any angular position and performed in any direction

  • Convenient wireless data transmission between the sensor and the handheld device

  • Control sensor for automated compensation of potential laser drift (optional)

  • Bore alignment sensALIGN RS5 sensor assembly by PRUFTECHNIK
  • Bore alignment with CENTRALIGN Ultra by PRUFTECHNIK - Entering dimensions
  • Bore alignment by PRUFTECHNIK with CENTRALIGN Ultra
  • Bore alignment sensALIGN RS5 laser and sensor assembly by PRUFTECHNIK
  • CENTRALIGN Ultra RS5 case with device and accessories


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Product description

Proper repair and reconditioning of turbines, combustion engines, compressors and pumps require an exact alignment measurement of rotors, crankshaft and camshaft bores, cylinder bores and crosshead guides.

CENTRALIGN Ultra RS5 is a laser alignment system designed for the measurement and alignment of bores and internal elements of rotating machines such as bearing rings, diaphragms, nozzles, inner shells and turbine casings with tops on or off. It offers a far more convenient and accurate alternative to the traditional methods using piano wires, micrometers and cumbersome theodolite telescopes.

The CENTRALIGN Ultra RS5 measurement method uses a laser emitter which is mounted at one end of the machine and shoots through the approximate center of the bores. The laser beam serves thereafter as the measurement reference line. The sensor is mounted in the bore to be measured using the patented universal pointer brackets. The exact rotational centerline of the bore is then determined by simply rotating the sensor and the bracket head around the inside of the bore. The sensor records positional deviations relative the laser and sends the measured data to the ROTALIGN Ultra computer. The computer processes this information along with the machine dimensions involved to calculate the exact centerline position. When using the long range laser, the distance between laser and sensor increases up to 50 meters.


The sensALIGN Series technology is based on the inherent PRUFTECHNIK single laser technology providing highly precise measurement results and easiest mounting and measuring in the field.

Watch our videos for geometrical alignment

Bore Alignment on a Screw Press with CENTRALIGN
Turbine Alignment with CENTRALIGN

What's new?

Firmware ROTALIGN Ultra 3.12

ROTALIGN Ultra 3.12 including:

Shaft Alignment 3.11, Flatness 3.10, Straightness 3.10, Right Angle Check 3.10, Live Trend 3.10, Bore Alignment 2.40 and Hydropower 2.20

This is the latest available firmware for the ROTALIGN Ultra computer ALI 4.202 with the serial numbers 4321 3xxx (5th digit equal or superior to 3) for both ROTALIGN & sensALIGN measurement sensors/lasers.

A PRUFTECHNIK approved USB memory stick is required for the update. Please read the update instructions carefully before proceeding.

ROTALIGN Ultra 3.12:

  • Bore application support for RS5 laser

ROTALIGN Ultra Shaft, Flatness, BORALIGN and Straightness Firmware 1.84:

This is the latest available firmware for the ROTALIGN Ultra computer ALI 4.200 (blue faceplate). The update includes Shaft version 1.26, Flatness version 1.20, BORALIGN version 1.11 and Straightness version 1.14. You need a USB-stick to update your device.

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ALIGNMENT CENTER is a Windows based software platform for all PRUFTECHNIK alignment instruments and applications.

It is the perfect solution to manage your sites, plants and machines in a common database and for preparing, analysing, organising and archiving your measurement files.

All alignment and measurement specifications including thermal growth compensation, alignment presets and tolerances are saved for future use. The files can be transferred from the PC to the instrument and vice versa.

The software generates professional colour reports including photos, logos and company-specific information.