Mobius Institute – Certified Vibration Analysis ISO CAT III

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ISO 18436-2

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  • Review of condition monitoring technologies and the ISO standards

  • Signal processing and the data acquisition

  • Time waveform analysis

  • Phase analysis

  • Dynamics (natural frequencies and resonance)

  • Testing for natural frequencies

  • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis

  • Modal analysis and intro to FEA

  • Correcting resonance

  • Rolling element bearing fault detection and journal bearing fault detection

  • Electric motor testing

  • Pumps, fans and compressors

  • Gearbox fault detection

  • Corrective action

  • Running a successful condition monitoring program

  • Acceptance testing

  • Review of ISO standards


Students will leave this course with a complete understanding of vibration and phase analysis, dynamic balancing and shaft alignment, and a developing knowledge of machine dynamics and all condition monitoring technologies.


5 days 09:00 - 17:00


20 students


Intended for people who are confident with spectrum analysis but who wish to push on and learn more about signal processing, time waveform and phase analysis, cross-channel testing, machine dynamics, and fault correction.


  • Cumulative Training (Hours) = 110

  • Cumulative Practical Experience (Months) = 36 [COMPULSORY]

  • Prior Certification = Category II [COMPULSORY]


  • Randal Ong

  • Sven Fleischer