WEBINAR: IIoT and the way to smart condition monitoring

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Condition monitoring for IIoT today requires working and thinking on the edge. A successful reliability program must create Smart Data before Big Data. That means human interaction, which you may have thought is becoming obsolete, has never been more important.

In this webinar, PRUFTECHNIK product and services expert Christian Silbernagel explores condition monitoring for today's IIoT, including the use of vibration measurements and other online measurement techniques, intelligent autonomous monitoring, and more.


  • IIoT

  • Condition Monitoring

  • Digitalization


The presentation shall illustrate that condition monitoring in the world of IIoT means working and thinking on the edge and that a successful reliability program needs to create Smart Data before Big Data.


May 21th, 2020 @11am EST


Reliability Professionals (Engineers, Managers)


  • Christian Silbernagel,
    Regional Manager: Western USA and Mexico