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Ultrasound Leak Detection

Ultrasound leak detection in air and gas pressure pipes and vacuum systems is a common cost-saving maintenance practice.
Ultrasound leak testing is also used effectively for electrical inspection, air tightness checks, and to monitor bearing lubrication.

Ultrasound Leak Detection FAQ

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What is ultrasound leak detection?

Ultrasound leak detection uses ultrasound technology to test for small air or gas leaks and locate them in compressed air systems and industrial compressed gas lines.

What does ultrasound leak detection identify?

Ultrasound leak detection identifies low-frequency sound caused by miniscule air leaks in air compressor or gas systems. Tools like the Pruftechnik SONOCHEK ultrasonic testing device identify sounds within the ultrasound frequency spectrum to accurately pinpoint (as low as 1 psi) where leaks are coming from on machinery.

What are the benefits of using ultrasound leak detection?

Miniscule leaks in compressed air and gas systems can’t be detected by ear. If left unchecked, the leaks can cost thousands of dollars from energy loss. Equipment leaks also affect associated equipment that has to work harder to compensate for the loss. Some ultrasound leak detectors also provide analysis, evaluation, and instant reporting.

What can an ultrasonic leak detection tool be used to detect?

An ultrasound leak detection tool tests for and locates air leaks in gas and air compression systems, (conduction, valves, and pipes) which lead to costly energy losses of up to 30%.