PRUFTECHNIK Vibration Analysis (CM) Level II

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  • Measurement of vibration signals and their interpretation

  • Suggestion kinds of vibration and factors of influence

  • Basic concepts of the vibration diagnosis (i.e.: time signal, amplitude spectrum, envelop spectrum, basic frequency, harmonious, side band, sensor technology, vibration measuring instruments, software, etc.)

  • Signature understanding & practical vibration diagnosis (i.e.: imbalance vibration, component resonances, faulty shaft alignment, electric mistakes, tooth intervention mistakes, belt vibration, roller bearing damages, hydraulic vibration suggestions, problems in journal bearings, etc.)

  • Typical damages and their image in vibration behaviour of machines


This course helps prepare attendees to perform basic machinery vibration analysis on industrial machinery using single-channel measurements, with or without triggers signals, according to established and recognized procedures. It helps to understand and diagnose different faults. It covers basics of sensors, database and data collector setup, data collection, signal processing, and fault analysis.


2 days: 09:00 to 17:00


20 students


Industrial/mechanical maintenance; technicians or engineers who are interested; involved in condition monitoring works in the industry.


Good knowledge/skills/experience on industrial rotating machinery maintenance is required and previous condition monitoring analysis experience mandatory (i.e.: CM Level I or similar).


Shoukat Ali Izhar