WEBINAR: Get to know these ‘touch’ platform innovations: In-situ cardan shaft and multi-coupling alignment

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This webinar explores the PRUFTECHNIK touch advanced applications and capabilities for adapting to the asset. Our adaptive alignment technology enables in-situ cardan shaft alignments using special brackets. This means:

  • no shaft removal or crane rental

  • hours of workforce labor saved

  • quick set up

  • improved safety of operators and assets, and

  • high quality measurement results based on the actual rotation axis.

You will also learn how quick and easy it can be to measure multiple machine couplings simultaneously. Used in conjunction with the Virtual Move Simulator, Simultaneous Machine Train Alignment enables technicians to test a range of tolerances and proposed movements on the complete machine train, eliminating the trial-and-error and potential rework.


Enhance knowledge and speed up these sometimes complex alignments.


June 25, 1 hour


All users of laser alignment systems interested in advancing their knowledge of cardan-shaft and multi-coupling in alignments.


Good understanding of laser alignment


  • David Metz,
    Application Engineer,
    Mobius ISO Cat II Vibration Specialist