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The universal shaft alignment solution

ISMANING – January 27, 2017 – The revolutionary ROTALIGN touch, the cloud-based shaft alignment system that combines precision measurement with mobile connectivity, has taken another leap forward. With the latest free firmware release 1.2 now adding shaft application capabilities like the cardan shaft, vertical machine alignment with vertiSWEEP, Softfoot diagnostics and Move Simulator, the ROTALIGN touch now truly does it all.

Cardan shaft alignment with specially designed brackets and patented measuring method, allows cardan shafts to be aligned without removing the shaft which significantly reduces the alignment time, effort and cost.

Vvertical machine measurement with ROTALIGN touch is now as easy as horizontal alignment thanks to vertiSWEEP, the new continuous vertical measurement mode: just rotate the shaft to measure flange-mounted vertical machines. Soft foot diagnostics assists the user in identifying the possible causes of machine soft foot. Last but not least, the ROTALIGN touch new Move Simulator capability enables the shim values to be predefined in advance of the physical movement of the machine.

The intelligent measurement capabilities and mobile connectivity features of the ROTALIGN touch paired with the ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY CENTER 4.0 software produce a valuable data stream that details all aspects of machine alignment condition.

With its new features, such as cardan shaft alignment and vertiSWEEP the ROTALIGN touch shaft alignment system is the cornerstone of any plant management and reliability program where precision meets connectivity.