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High-precision laser for surface flatness and level measurements


Flatness, level and right angle check

Fast and efficient measurement of flatness of surfaces, level and perpendicularity

High-precision measurement over a distance of up to 20 meters (65 feet)

Highly accurate measurement with a rotating laser in combination with the ROTALIGN Ultra Computer and the sensALIGN 7 sensor

Measurement analysis and professional reporting

With the GEO CENTER geometric measurement PC software

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Rotating laser for the geometric measurement of machinery

  • Fast and precise measurement of surface flatness and level

  • Fast and precise measurement of angles between surfaces

  • The laser beam can be shot at 90° for perpendicularity measurements

  • Set user tolerances or use automatic tolerances

  • Professional reporting with GEO CENTER Software

  • Powerful functions to compare two surfaces and to extend the measurement range for large surfaces.

  • Wireless communication with Bluetooth module


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Geometric alignment prolongs machine service life

LEVALIGN Ultra iS is a high-precision flatness measurement system that uses a rotating laser. It is the ideal solution for fast and efficient measurement of flatness, leveling and perpendicularity of surfaces. The system achieves a range of 20 meters with an accuracy of 0.02 mm/m (0.787 mil).

Typical applications in industry are machine foundations, foundation plates and tables, surfaces of machines and housing halves, round and rectangular flanges, parallelism of foundations and flanges in wind generators, rotor blades, flanges, rotating rings of cranes, etc.

Use GEO CENTER, the Windows-based software to measure an infinite number of points over large surfaces and to compare surfaces on two different planes, e.g. in a press, in addition to measurement analysis and professional reporting.

What is new?

ROTALIGN Ultra Firmware Version 3.12

  • Bore application support for RS5 laser

ROTALIGN Ultra 3.12 including:

Shaft Alignment 3.11, Flatness 3.10, Straightness 3.10, Right Angle Check 3.10, Live Trend 3.10, Bore Alignment 2.40 and Hydropower 2.20

This is the latest available firmware for the ROTALIGN Ultra computer ALI 4.202 with the serial numbers 4321 3xxx (5th digit equal or superior to 3) for both ROTALIGN & sensALIGN measurement sensors/lasers. A PRUFTECHNIK approved USB memory stick is required for the update. Please read the update instructions carefully before proceeding.

ROTALIGN Ultra Shaft, Flatness, BORALIGN and Straightness Firmware 1.84:

This is the latest available firmware for the ROTALIGN Ultra computer ALI 4.200 (blue faceplate). The update includes Shaft version 1.26, Flatness version 1.20, BORALIGN version 1.11 and Straightness version 1.14. You need a USB memory stick to update your device.

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ALIGNMENT CENTER is a Windows based software platform for all PRUFTECHNIK alignment instruments and applications.

It is the perfect solution to manage your sites, plants and machines in a common database and for preparing, analysing, organising and archiving your measurement files.

All alignment and measurement specifications including thermal growth compensation, alignment presets and tolerances are saved for future use. The files can be transferred from the PC to the instrument and vice versa.

The software generates professional colour reports including photos, logos and company-specific information.