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High-precision rotating laser for right angle and parallelism


Determine surface parallelism

Used on wind tower segment flanges, gearbox shafts, casings, press surfaces, and more

Measure perpendicularity or right angle

Used between spindle and base plate of drilling machines, in ship rudder carrier plans or ship propellers, and more

Versatile with various brackets

Appropriate brackets and accessories to suit any kind of application

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Rotating laser pentaprism for precise geometric measurements

  • Rotatable pentaprism with 5-axis adjustment mechanism

  • 2-axis adjustment sensor integrated into the pentaprism

  • Measurement accuracy of 0.01 mm (0.393 mil)

  • Various fixation possibilities such as magnets, tripods, rods and flanges


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Product description

Are two surfaces really parallel or perpendicular to each other? Is the machining axis perpendicular to the machined surface (reference plane) or are two surfaces of a casing parallel?

PENTALIGN is a high precision rotating pentaprism. In conjunction with an external laser source, it generates a laser plane precisely perpendicular to the incident laser beam. With the two-axis adjustment sensor in the prism, the plane spanned by the laser can be measured with an accuracy of 0.01 mm after reflection. PENTALIGN can be used to determine the parallelism of the surfaces of tower segments in wind turbines, gear shafts, housings, surfaces of presses, or ship propellers.