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Precision shaft alignment for standard jobs


Align horizontal, vertical and flange-mounted machines

Designed for simple alignment challenges in all industrial environments and working conditions

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Easy setup in the field

Single-laser technology sensALIGN 3 for maximum efficiency

Active Situational Intelligence

  • Real-time measurement quality enhancement

  • Clear measurement results and report

  • steps to alignment results with smiley

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What is Adaptive Alignment?

Learn about the next generation of laser alignment systems

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Fast, easy, and precise alignment with SHAFTALIGN OS3

  • Single-laser technology for maximum efficiency in the field

  • Active Situational Intelligence

  • Easy alignment of coupled, uncoupled, and non-rotatable shafts

  • Autoflow functionality for guided 3-step measurement

  • Only 3 readings necessary with Active Clock

  • Soft foot check

  • PDF reporting

  • Wireless with Bluetooth communication

  • Alignment software available for measurement data management


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All you need to start confidently with shaft alignment

Without overstretching your budget, SHAFTALIGN OS3 ideally combines intuitive operation and accuracy for precision shaft alignment of rotating machinery.

SHAFTALIGN OS3 features a sensor with an HD XL detector and a high precision MEMS inclinometer. The Bluetooth module is included and the computer has an integrated rechargeable battery.
The system's intuitive Autoflow capability guides the user step by step to measure the machinery alignment condition. All relevant alignment results are graphically displayed on one screen. The ambient light compensation allows measurements even in direct sunlight.

With TolCheck, smiley symbols clearly indicate the alignment status so that there is no need to interpret the results.
With the innovative Active Clock measurement mode, only 3 to 4 readings over a rotation angle of less than 70° are required to achieve a precision alignment.

Vertical and horizontal machine corrections are monitored live on the screen.
SHAFTALIGN OS3 is easily extendable through the activation of powerful options as the alignment requirements grow.

PDF reports can be generated and directly saved from the system onto a USB stick.
Our alignment software is used for preparing, analyzing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports.


The sensALIGN Series technology is based on the inherent PRUFTECHNIK single-laser technology providing high precision measurement results and the easiest mounting and measuring in the field.

The sensALIGN 3 sensor includes a 3-axis HD PSD detector and an activated electronic inclinometer with MEMS to eliminate possible user errors during measurement. It also allows the live monitoring of the horizontal and vertical machine corrections (Concurrent Live Move).

Watch our video for laser shaft alignment with SHAFTALIGN OS3

Laser Shaft Alignment with SHAFTALIGN OS3

What is new?

SHAFTALIGN Firmware 3.00

SHAFTALIGN firmware 3.00 incorporates both the computer firmware 3.00 and SHAFTALIGN sensor firmware 1.42.

How to Upgrade SHAFTALIGN - ALI 21.200 computer or ALI 21.210 computer?

  • Extract executable file to empty PRUFTECHNIK USB memory stick.
    Firmware will be stored in the SHAFTALIGN folder.

  • Attach ALI 21.503 USB cable.

  • Connect PRUFTECHNIK memory stick to the USB cable.

  • Switch on SHAFTALIGN. Update will autostart.

  • Follow the instructions at the end of the upgrade process

Please ensure that the device is charged or at least 50% battery capacity.

SHAFTALIGN Feature Assistant Setup 1.0:

With this tool you can order new features for your SHAFTALIGN.

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