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Reliable eddy current testing system for applications with 1 or 2 channels


For all applications with 1 or 2 channels

  • Inline testing of welded tube

  • Offline testing of tube and bar

  • Inline wire inspection

  • Testing of hot rolled material

  • Inspecting thick-walled materials

  • and many more...

Touchscreen monitor

Intuitive and easy to use

Five variants available

For covering all common customer requirements

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Innovative eddy current testing for quality and process control

  • For all applications with 1 or 2 channels

  • Five variants for covering all common customer requirements

  • Standard sensor systems for all conceivable applications and sizes available (round-profile and segment coils, scanning probes, rotating systems)

  • Ease of use using touchscreen monitor

  • Numerous setting options for precise signal analysis

  • Complete test result and statistics documentation

  • Integration into customer network


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EDDYCHEK 5 advanced – Well tried in reliable operation at many customers worldwide:

  • User-friendly touchscreen operation

  • Flexible signal analysis for precise fault detection

  • Easily configurable inputs and outputs

  • Numerous reporting possibilities

The outstanding reliability and user friendliness make the EDDYCHEK5 to one of the leading eddy current test systems worldwide.

The network suitability of the EDDYCHEK 5 is particularly attractive as the industry is increasingly counting on central production systems. Furthermore, the unit is designed for the use in a 19” cabinet.

EDDYCHEK 5 advanced RS

Identical to EDDYCHEK 5 advanced, however, with integrated distance compensation for the use with rotating system.

EDDYCHEK 5 compact - Compact, cost-effective networked testing

  • Compact, cost-effective networked testing

  • Fast, state-of-the-art computer-based system

  • All major applications requiring 1 or 2 test coils or rotating system

  • Networking via standard LAN (Ethernet, TCP/IP)

  • Extensive signal evaluation options

  • Complete documentation of test results and statistics

  • Compact housing, cost-effective

The ideal Windows based eddy current system for anyone who intends to operate their production line from any remote Windows PC or central operator panel as an integral part of the process control system.

Neatly contained in a compact enclosure, it may be mounted out of the way. Several EDDYCHEK 5 compact units may be operated together with other systems via one single screen.

EDDYCHEK 5 Hot - Testing of hot rolled material

  • Early warning of process problems that impair quality

  • Detection of gradual quality deterioration using EDDYTREND

  • Replay of testing history of any tested product

  • Complete documentation

  • Water-cooled and particularly robust probe system

For producers of hot rolled material, PRUFTECHNIK offers a comprehensive inspection system that helps minimize the production of poor quality due to process malfunctions by giving a detailed real-time overview of the production trend.

Periodic defects caused by damaged rollers are recognized and the damaged component may be identified, giving all of the necessary data. Also, EDDYCHEK 5 alerts you to potential problems with the process or billet quality when the sensors identify a rise in random material and process defects. When networked to a central control panel, the testing system can be operated entirely by remote control: test parameters are prepared in advance and downloaded for each coil or batch when needed.

The system consists of the EDDYCHEK 5 eddy current tester, the optional EDDYTREND trend analysis software, and a water-cooled, robust test coil and holder.

EDDYCHEK 5 TMI - The cost-effective alternative for inspecting thick-walled materials

  • Finds defects throughout the entire wall-thickness

  • Advanced computer-based testing system

  • Extremely simple operation featuring touch screen monitor

  • Extensive signal evaluation options for instant feedback on the production process

  • Complete documentation of test results and statistics

EDDYCHEK 5 TMI offers a cost-effective inline inspection method for welded austenitic tubes, where ultrasonic inspection is not applicable. A specially developed external probe finds any defects on the weldseam throughout the entire wall-thickness during the production process.

As an additional benefit, the EDDYCHEK 5 TMI testing unit helps the operator monitor the ongoing production process andimmediately alerts him to any quality problems that occur. TMI can help you cut down drastically on costs arising from expensive after-production inspection methods such as X-ray or borescopes.