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You measure, we evaluate

The diverse infrastructures of the networked factory often mean that service technicians no longer have to check all machine conditions on site. The PRUFTECHNIK experts can directly read out, evaluate and analyze the current machine data in the Service Center in Ismaning (near Munich) via an Internet connection and remote control processes.

The advantage for PRUFTECHNIK customers: There are no travel expenses, the service is available virtually around the clock, internal IT resources and solutions are saved and detailed reports with meaningful reports are sent directly by e-mail to the maintenance management or the service company. This is how carefree condition and performance monitoring works!

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We offer alignment, vibration & balancing, ultrasound, and reliability training.

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PRUFTECHNIK Services in Detail

Online monitoring of machines and plants

Online monitoring of machines and systems with FMEA-based state diagnostics and individual reporting is our non-plus-ultra service. Here you get all monitoring tasks directly from PRUFTECHNIK diagnostician.

Your machine data is managed on the PRUFTECHNIK server. Our vibration specialists (ISO CAT I-IV) analyze the data in the case of an alarm and give the operator on-site detailed instructions and recommendations about how to proceed or avoidance of consequential damage.

Your benefit: Not only can PRUFTECHNIK monitor individual a machine and system, but also entire machine parks and brisk. In this way, you can plan and carry out your maintenance tasks in a targeted way and save time with the complex vibration analysis.

Condition Monitoring Partner Concept (CPK) and Remote Diagnosis Service

Briefly put: You measure, we evaluate.

While an technician on-site determines the machine condition data via a hand-held measuring device (e.g. VIBVSCANNER 2), the PRUFTECHNIK Service Center then completely evaluates the data. The Service Center then receives the data, has in-house vibration experts analyze it (ISO CAT I-IV) and then sends a comprehensive report back to the machine operator. Very simple, very unbureaucratic.

Outside the CPK, we also help you in analyzing your vibration data: Send us your measurement data, and we take care of the analysis for you.On this basis, we create an individual report for you and give you specific recommendations for action.

Damage analysis and consulting

If a damage in a machine / plant can not be localized by conventional means, it can be expected that it comes to a renewed damage.

With the help of its portable measuring systems (e.g., VIBGUARD portable), PRUFTECHNIK can record the measured data directly at the machine over a specific period of time and evaluate it remotely at the PRUFTECHNIK Service Center. Our independent experts offer independent consulting and also prepare reports with appropriate recommendations for action.

Optimization of process and quality conditions

Products in high quantities with perfect quality in minimum time takes its toll on machines and systems and can lead to premature wear and quality deviations.Vibrations are often a valuable information carrier for the quality of process and quality conditions.
PRUFTECHNIK helps with comprehensive metrological analyzes, to identify critical states and then optimize them. Less wear means more goods output in the same or even shorter time with reduced maintenance costs – a win-win for the manufacturer.