Mobius Institute – Certified Vibration Analysis ISO CAT III

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ISO 18436-2

This course is intended for people who are confident with spectrum analysis but who wish to push on and learn more about signal processing, time waveform and phase analysis, cross-channel testing, machine dynamics, and fault correction.


  • Review of condition monitoring technologies and the ISO standards

  • Signal processing and the data acquisition

  • Time waveform analysis

  • Phase analysis

  • Dynamics (natural frequencies and resonance)

  • Testing for natural frequencies

  • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis

  • Modal analysis and intro to FEA

  • Correcting resonance

  • Rolling element bearing fault detection and journal bearing fault detection

  • Electric motor testing

  • Pumps, fans and compressors

  • Gearbox fault detection

  • Corrective action

  • Running a successful condition monitoring program

  • Acceptance testing

  • Review of ISO standards


Students will leave this course with a complete understanding of vibration and phase analysis, dynamic balancing and shaft alignment, and a developing knowledge of machine dynamics and all condition monitoring technologies.


5 days 09:00 - 17:00


20 students


  • You have at least two years of vibration analysis experience

  • You want to be a leader of the vibration team, or take a leading role in diagnosing faults and making repair recommendations

  • You want to understand all data collector options, special test capabilities, all analysis tools and understand the widest range of fault conditions

  • You are seeking to become certified to international standards (ISO-18436) by an accredited certification body

  • You want to understand all condition monitoring technologies, how and when to apply them

  • You want to understand machine dynamics (natural frequencies, resonance, ODS), how to perform resonance testing and how to correct resonance problems


Prior experience is not required to attend the training, but certification requires 36 months vibration analysis / condition monitoring experience and ISO Category II certification, or a minimum of 60 months experience in lieu of ISO Category II certification.


  • Randal Ong

  • Shoukat Izhar