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Induction bearing heater for large and heavy bearings



Can be transported to where it is needed thanks to wheeling system


Maximum bearing load
of up to 300 kg (662 lbs)


Maximum induction heat is 250°C (480°F) for safe heating - no annealing

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Induction bearing heating system for large work pieces

  • Specially designed for large work pieces

  • Work piece is automatically demagnetized

  • No overheating thanks to reliable magnetic temperature sensor with max. of 250°C (480°F)

  • Available options: 200 - 600V at 50/60Hz


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Product description

PRUFTECHNIK not only supplies premium alignment systems for aligning machines and shafts, but also the right induction heating tools for safely mounting bearings onto shafts. The benefits of induction heating include safety, efficiency, and overall energy savings.

EDDYTHERM 4x is specially designed for large work pieces weighing up to 300 kg (662 lbs). The corresponding magnetic temperature sensor reliably measures up to 250°C (480°F), which protects from overheating and reduces the risk of damage. The work piece is automatically demagnetized after each heating cycle. Available options: 200 - 600V at 50/60Hz.

How does induction heating work? In just a few minutes, the bearings are safely preheated by induction so that they expand and glide effortlessly onto the shaft. When the bearing cools down, it assumes its original size and thus guarantees the desired tight fit on the shaft. Due to the induction heat, all tolerances and material properties are maintained without any loss. No further work steps are necessary. EDDYTHERM is a safe induction heating tool that only heats the work piece, not the tool itself.