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Wireless online monitoring


VIBCONNECT RF now also available with 2.4 GHz.

VIBCONNECT RF is the perfect online monitoring system for applications that require the wireless transfer of vibration measurement data over long distances. It has been successfully operating in Europe and USA for over a year now.

For our customers in the Far East we have developed a new version with 2.4 GHz.

Many wireless systems only deliver simple characteristic values. VIBCONNECT RF offers far more, providing the full bandwidth of diagnostic capabilities, namely spectra, time signals and envelopes.

In addition, a VIBCONNECT RF Sensor Unit with ATEX certification is already in the pipeline.

To find out more, please contact your local representative or send an email to

3 steps to vertical machine alignment

3 steps to vertical alignment

With OPTALIGN smart RS5

1. Enter the machine dimensions and flange sizes such as the flange diameter, bolt circle diameter and number of bolts.

2. Rotate the shaft: The computer takes the measurement readings at predefined locations. Up to 8 measurements can be taken at an interval of 45°.

3. Finally, results are computed using the measurement data.

Adjust bolts on all four sides of the motor to correct the radial offset. The alignment values are updated in real-time with the Live Move function as the corrections are being performed.

After the motor has been aligned, final verification measurements are taken and stored electronically for quality assurance. The final PDF report can be copied onto a flash drive or stored directly on the device and later customized and printed, if necessary, using the ALIGNMENT CENTER software.

Update your device!

Firmware update

Download your free firmware updates

SHAFTALIGN - Firmware 3.0

OPTALIGN smart RS - Firmware 3.0

7500 kg cardan shaft stays in place

Mining site

A gold mine in Western Australia needed to align a conveyor belt during a shutdown. The use of special cardan shaft brackets and measurement method allowed the team to perform the alignment without removing the heavy shaft.

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Tip of the month

Vibration measurements on remote locations taking too long?

Multiplexer installation

How to speed up routine data collection

Routine measurements on remote or hazardous locations are time consuming. However, these measurements can often be critical to ensure asset availability.

The Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, talks about their solution.

A critical part of the hospital’s reliability program is the cooling tower drives as they contribute to cool the ambient air inside the hospital in summer.

Collecting reliable vibration measurements of the cooling tower drives was almost impossible in the past since the gearbox driving the cooling fan was not reachable for vibration data collection during operation. However, it is precisely the gearbox’ condition that the reliability team was interested in, since the hospital did not want the cooling towers to suddenly fail, especially in summer when temperatures often reach more than 30 ̊C.

On all measurement locations of interest, permanent transducers were installed and connected to an automatic switchbox, or Multiplexer. Measurements can now be cycled through autonomously across all connected sensors. During a route, the operator only has to trigger the data collection with a VIBXPERT II.

With this solution, the hospital can even perform troubleshooting measurements off-route, in case the vibration trends are increasing. For example, pigeons sometimes get caught in the blades resulting in a severe unbalance. This can now be investigated using the multiplexer solution before calling an external contractor to take the drive system apart.


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