PRUFTECHNIK and Mobius Institute Laser Shaft Alignment

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  • Introduction to Shaft Alignment

  • What is Misalignment?

  • Pre-Alignment checks and soft foot

  • Determining the alignment state

  • Laser Alignment Systems

  • Shaft Alignment Mathematics – Offset, angularity and alignment mathematics

  • Understanding Dial Indicators and using Dial Indicators for Shaft Alignment

  • Pre-Alignment Checks and Corrections

  • Soft Foot Checks and Corrections

  • Why is soft foot important?

  • Test for soft foot and correcting soft foot

  • The Rim-Face Dial Indicator Method and the Reverse-Dial Method

  • Laser Alignment

  • Using the laser alignment system and performing laser alignment measurements

  • Moving the Machine

  • Dynamic and Thermal Movement

  • Dealing with Dynamic Movements

  • Machine Train Alignment


Training course on shaft alignment for rotating machinery with focus on laser shaft alignment for standard applications using PRUFTECHNIK devices, with Mobius Institute training materials and PRUFTECHNIK practical hands-on training.


2 days: 09:00 to 17:00


20 students


Industrial/mechanical maintenance; technicians or engineers who are interested; involved in shaft alignment works in the industry.


Basic knowledge/skills/experience on industrial rotating machinery maintenance is desirable.


  • Ernest Benchman Amos

  • Aimi Tarmizi