PRUFTECHNIK Vibration Analysis (CM) Level I

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  • Measurement of vibration characteristics and trend assessment

  • Physical and machine-technical bases its vibration suggestion

  • Understanding of good vibration measurement data

  • Vibration measuring technology (i.e.: sensor technology, vibration measuring instruments, software, etc.)

  • Measure and interpreting from overall values of machines and bearing sounds

  • Typical damages and their image in vibration behaviour of machines

  • Practice examples and practical presentations

  • View in the Level II vibration diagnosis


This course helps to prepare attendees and provide evidence of qualification and competence of individual to perform a range of simple, single channel machinery vibration condition monitoring and measurement activities. It is recommended for individuals as an introduction to machinery vibrations.


2 days: 09:00 to 17:00


20 students


Industrial/mechanical maintenance; technicians or engineers who are interested; involved in condition monitoring works in the industry.


Basic knowledge/skills/experience on industrial rotating machinery maintenance is desirable.


Shoukat Ali Izhar