ROTALIGN / OPTALIGN Alignment with ARC 4.0

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  • Basics of shaft alignment

  • Preconditions and preparations for an optimal machine alignment

  • Function of the laser-optical measurement method

  • Installation and operation of the alignment system

  • Interpretation of results

  • Account of coupling specifications, tolerances and thermal growth

  • Practical measurements on alignment simulators

  • Soft foot verification

  • Alignment of vertical machines

  • Special cases with practical exercises

  • Functionality of RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and integrated camera

  • Cloud-based data handling

  • Archive, edit and manage measurement results with the alignment PC software ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY CENTER 4.0


This course delivers comprehensive knowledge of the principles of machinery shaft alignment and the various methods to measure and correct alignment, with emphasis on laser shaft alignment technology. The course is an intensive mix of hands-on practice and in-depth instruction in the ROTALIGN Ultra or ROTALIGN touch alignment tools.


2 days
7am - 3pm
1 hour lunch


8 (max)


Technical and mechanical maintenance personnel, alignment engineers


Student should have alignment experience in general


  • Mike Ciocys

  • John Waldron

  • Dries Van Loon

  • Christian Silbernagel

  • Dave Metz

  • Joe DiDomenico

  • Dan Stilp

  • Payam Assadi

  • Grant Dennler