Mobius Institute – Certified Vibration Analysis ISO CAT I

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  • Maintenance practices

  • Condition monitoring and vibration analysis

  • Introduction to vibration measurement and principles of vibration

  • An introduction to the time waveform, spectrum and forcing frequencies

  • Explaining the different vibration units and measuring vibration

  • A brief introduction to phase

  • Data acquisition

  • Understanding axial, radial, vertical, and horizontal readings

  • A quick introduction to mounting the accelerometer and surface preparation

  • Naming conventions

  • What are “routes” and how do you create them?

  • Signal processing

  • Spectral averaging

  • The spectrum analysis process

  • A quick introduction to resonance

  • Diagnosing common fault conditions

  • Setting alarm limits


Students will come away from this course with a very good understanding of vibration analysis fundamentals, will understand how to take good measurements and be ready to begin analyzing vibration spectra.


4.5 days 09:00 - 17:00


20 students


Intended for personnel who are new to vibration analysis, or those who wish to get an introduction to vibration analysis, condition monitoring and maintenance practices.


  • Cumulative Training (Hours) = 32

  • Cumulative Practical Experience (Months) = 6 [COMPULSORY]


  • Randal Ong

  • Sven Fleischer