Starting an online condition monitoring project can be difficult and overwhelming. The growth of interconnectivity through wireless systems, as well as industrial protocols such as MODBUS and MQTT, require the user to leverage connections with IT more than before. It is essential to determine how a project will help your company, what asset condition data is needed, and where the data will go.

With proper organization, and help from a consultant if necessary, a new user can successfully start and finish an online condition monitoring project to enable data-driven decisions about maintenance and performance.

This webinar explores the steps required to deploy an online condition monitoring system. It also will detail the benefits of obtaining this data, as well as the challenges of collecting, storing, protecting, and sharing asset condition information.

  • How to start a project

  • Power of a consultant

  • Technical terms learning curve

  • Wireless versus wired sensors

  • Process parameters

  • Utilizing the IT department

  • Reliability strategy

  • Data management

  • Project case studies

Mike Ciocys

Technical Service and Support Manager
CAT III Vibration Analyst
Certified Reliability Leader