You need marketing materials for advertizing, give aways for a trade show or a customer event? You would like to request the update of an existing marketing material?Please find our maketing order forms and the selection of our corporare gifts below and let us know what you require. We are happy to support you!

Corporate Design

Our Corporate Design forms the framework of our communications, lending our products and services an unmistakable identity. Elements such as the logo are building blocks in our communication with customers. Whenever you use the PRUFTECHNIK stationery and send eMails, you contribute to creating an outwardly visible PRUFTECHNIK identity by actively representing our company. Please find our Corporate Design guidlines and the most important Corporate Design elements below:

Corporate Design brochure

Corporate Design brochure

Download the PRUFTECHNIK Group Corporate Design guidelines (PDF)


This guide will give you valuable assistance in following the main principles of PRUFTECHNIK Corporate Design. Demonstrate that you are part of the PRUFTECHNIK team by adhering to PRÜFTECHNIK Corporate Design.

Company Logo

Official company names

Company letterheads

Presentation of the PRUFTECHNIK Group

Our mission, our vision, our values

Social Media Guidelines



Should you have any further question, please send an email to: