45 years of trust in the future and customized solutions

From the first simple ideas to today’s user-friendly, cloud-based measuring devices, PRUFTECHNIK’s image has changed drastically. The living room in Schwabing, Munich, where the first devices were produced, has long been replaced with a high-tech production line based on lean management in Ismaning (to the north of Munich).

Laser shaft and machine alignment, condition monitoring and nondestructive testing have always been PRUFTECHNIK's core business. However, the customer himself has always been the main focus of the company, not the product itself.


Our alignment and condition monitoring products

“We must understand our customers and their problems every single day and offer them sustainable and customized solutions,” explains Dr. Busch.

“Simultaneously, the demand for our expertise is constantly growing. Selling products is only a part of our business. Our maintenance services have long become essential in providing holistic solutions,” says the Managing Director, who manages the company in the second generation.


Our services

The company-owned premises do not only accommodate Production, but also, among others the in-house R&D (hard- and software), Quality Management, Sales and Sales Support, Product Management, Marketing, Logistics, Service and Tech Support. At the same time, PRUFTECHNIK has its own branch offices in 18 countries worldwide and distributors in 70 additional countries – we are as close to the customer as possible.


Our sales network worldwide

To maintain the hight level of service, support, and sales quality, PRUFTECHNIK continuously invests in the development of new company-owned branch offices. We are currently completing the new building in Wroclaw (Poland), which also accommodates part of PRUFTECHNIK’s development. Another new building project has started in St. Petersburg for the Russian sales and service subsidiary. Two new offices were opened in the past two years in the US. The Philadelphia headquarters manage the operations in North America with area-covering sales and service partners.


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Laser shaft and machine alignment

VIDEO: why shaft alignment?

Our products are quick, precise and intuitive. And we have been working with the same 3-step principle for 45 years now: „Dimension, Measurement, Result“ (PDF)

Condition Monitoring

VIDEO: why condition monitoring?

Do you know how well your assets are performing? How efficient they are? Or are there any maintenance issues on some critical machine parts? With condition monitoring you will always stay tuned with the performance of your equipment wherever you are, since our technology is based on a cloud server.

Nondestructive testing (NDT)

VIDEO: why non-destructive testing?

NDT takes us right back to the beginnings. But after 45 years it is still a core area of the company, with an own production line in Ismaning.