Turbine alignment

Higher energy efficiency through precise turbine alignment

Due to the ever increasing energy consumption and the limited availability of fossil fuels, the efficient use of our energy resources has become critical for a sustainable energy production. Measurement technology from PRÜFTECHNIK has a crucial role to play as it contributes to the efficient operation of turbines.

Both the productivity and the trouble-free operation of a turbine depend on the high-precision measurement of the in-built components. All measurement tasks can be conducted with a minimum of time and excellent results using proven PRÜFTECHNIK laser measurement instruments. Shorter turbine installation and servicing times reduce downtime from weeks to only a few days.
PRÜFTECHNIK also offers comprehensive measuring devices for vibration analysis and balancing of turbine units.


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Turbine alignment

Turbine alignment with PRÜFTECHNIK

The efficiency factor of a steam turbine depends on the high-precision alignment of the guide vane supports, shaft seal, oil rings and bearings. The efficiency factor of a gas turbine depends on the high-precision alignment of its components in the compressor, combustion chamber and expander: turbine blades, shaft seals, oil rings and bearings must be aligned precisely.


The CENTRALIGN Ultra measuring system from PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment Systems, specially developed for measuring the alignment of turbine components, has been in use around the world for years.

Traditional methods for measuring the alignment of a hydroturbine are very time-consuming. ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower, specially designed for hydroturbines, provides all important alignment parameters in a very short time.

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    Turbine alignment with high accuracy in less time

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  • ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower

    ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower

    Alignment of hydro turbines with a flip

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    The high precision electronic inclinometer

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  • Brackets


    Quick and stable mounting of measurement components on various types of shafts.

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  • Shims


    A wide range of shims for all kinds of machine alignment situations.

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