Laser-based positional change monitoring system

PERMALIGN - Monitor dynamic movements of critical machinery

Determine precise alignment targets for optimum 'hot' alignment

  • Laser-based positional change monitoring system with graphical display
  • Impact of temperature changes minimized through cooling of measurement components
  • Impact of vibrations minimized by adjusting sampling time
  • Monitors multi-element machine trains
  • ALIGNMENT CENTER's Live Monitoring application for monitoring analysis
  • Intrinsically safe option available.

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PERMALIGN installation

PERMALIGN is the ideal system for permanent or temporary monitoring of machinery positional changes. It measures and monitors continuously, and in real time, the alignment changes of rotating machinery during operation. It may be used for permanent monitoring or for just the necessary time to determine the positional changes from cold to hot or vice versa.

All four alignment parameters – vertical offset, horizontal offset, vertical angularity and horizontal angularity are monitored simultaneously using two monitors.

The 'cold' alignment targets recommended by manufacturers do reflect the actual operating condition of a running machine.
After startup, machines change their initial position as a result of dynamic loads.

Therefore good alignment when the machine is cold is not necessarily the best alignment when the machine is running. In order to achieve the perfect alignment when the machine is up, compensation values have to be determined, allowing for a misalignment when the machine is cold.