CENTRALIGN Ultra Standard

Precise, fast and intuitive bore alignment

CENTRALIGN Ultra Standard - Precise, fast and intuitive bore alignment

Bore alignment in combustion engines, compressors, pumps, gearboxes and stern tubes

  • True bore center measurement: Determination of the eccentricity error
  • Patented universal pointer brackets with rotating sensor holder improve measurement precision and handling
  • Measurement of both magnetic and non-magnetic bores with diameters ranging from 45 mm to over 4000 mm
  • Ease of handling, lightweight components and measurement methods to suit specific applications
  • Precise user-independent measurements and results
  • View the minimum corrections required
  • Convenient wireless data transmission.
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Alignment of bores and other circular machine elements.

CENTRALIGN Ultra Standard is a precision laser bore alignment system which is fast, very precise, and provides a clear measurement protocol, unlike traditional methods.

As measurements are carried out using a laser beam and patented universal pointer brackets, mechanical and sag errors are eliminated. The rotating sensor holder makes the measurement procedure so much easier as there is no need to reposition the sensor to take the various measurements. Our pointer brackets are also suitable for a range of bore diameters.

In addition to the alignment of bores, bearing pedestals and other circular machine elements, CENTRALIGN Ultra Standard also includes a measurement method for the alignment of workpieces to boring heads.

The system utilizes the proven ROTALIGN Ultra platform, and is therefore extendable to shaft alignment, flatness, straightness and other geometrical applications.




ROTALIGN Ultra 3.11 including:
Shaft Alignment 3.11, Flatness 3.10, Straightness 3.10, Right Angle Check 3.10, Live Trend 3.10, Bore Alignment 2.32 and Hydropower 2.20

This is the latest available firmware for the ROTALIGN Ultra computer ALI 4.202 with the serial numbers 4321 3xxx (5th digit equal or superior to 3) for both ROTALIGN & sensALIGN measurement sensors/lasers.
A PRÜFTECHNIK approved USB memory stick is required for the update. Please read the update instructions carefully before proceeding. 


Firmware update instructions (PDF)


What’s new in ROTALIGN Ultra firmware version 3.11?

  • Shaft application vertiSWEEP SD inch setting modification
  • Bore application support for RS5 laser


ROTALIGN Ultra Shaft, Flatness, BORALIGN and Straightness Firmware 1.84

This is the latest available firmware for the ROTALIGN Ultra computer ALI 4.200 (blue faceplate).
The update includes Shaft version 1.26, Flatness version 1.20, BORALIGN version 1.11 and Straightness version 1.14. You need a usb-stick to update your device.