This product is discontinued!

Order No. ALI 5.000
Sales stop 2012


ALI 5.000 EX-S  OPTALIGN PLUS Series package intrinsically safe

ALI 5.000-S  OPTALIGN PLUS Series Standard package

ALI 5.000  OPTALIGN PLUS Standard package
ALI 5.000  OPTALIGN PLUS intrinsically safe package
ALI 5.255  OPTALIGN PLUS Additional Communication  Certificate for additional OPTALIGN PLUS instruments
ALI 5.270  Communication Licence for OPTALIGN PLUS

ALI 2.610  VP OPTALIGN vis. pack. w. printer funct.
ALI 2.610  VCXH OPTALIGN economy visible EX with chain bracket
ALI 2.610  VEC OPTALIGN economy vis. laser package
ALI 2.610  VECH OPTALIGN economy visible package with chain bracket
ALI 2.610  VECX OPTALIGN economy visible intr. safe package
ALI 2.610  VEXC OPTALIGN economy intr. safe upgrade set
ALI 2.610  VPEX OPTALIGN visible intr. safe package with printer function
ALI 2.612  V OPTALIGN V set, France
ALI 2.612  VPC OPTALIGN VP exchange package, France
ALI 2.612  VPEX OPTALIGN VP intr. safe set, France
ALI 2.612  VPXC OPTALIGN VPEX exchange package, France
ALI 2.613  VPC OPTALIGN VP exchange package, France
ALI 2.613  VPXC OPTALIGN VPXC exchange package, France

ALI 2.610  OPTALIGN standard set
ALI 2.610  EC OPTALIGN economy set
ALI 2.610  EX OPTALIGN intrinsic safe set
ALI 2.610  LR OPTALIGN long range set
ALI 2.610  M OPTALIGN mining set
ALI 2.610  V OPTALIGN visible standard package
ALI 2.610  VC OPTALIGN visible upgrade set
ALI 2.610  VEX OPTALIGN visible intr. safe package

Product Replacement

Laser shaft alignment of rotating machinery product portfolio

Replacement for this product is our current outstanding shaft alignment portfolio.

For personalized advice on the best-suited replacement product for you, please contact us