A modular, all-rounder shaft alignment system

Modular, all-rounder system for alignment in ATEX / IECEX

The sought-after measurement system for rotating machinery in ATEX / IECEx zones


  • System and case fully ATEX / IECEX certified
  • Alignment of horizontal, vertical and flange-mounted machines, coupled and uncoupled shafts
  • Hundreds of positions are automatically measured during shaft rotation (SWEEP)
  • Automatic evaluation of alignment condition with smiley symbols (TolCheck) and user-defined tolerances
  • Live monitoring of horizontal and vertical machine corrections
  • Save PDF measurement reports directly to a USB stick: no PC required.
  • Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth module (optional).



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ATEX/IECEX certified alignment system

The ATEX/EX certified system is modular and can be easily configured to meet your job and budget requirements.
Thanks to its intuitive operation, ergonomic design and the many features, OPTALIGN smart EX remains a sought-after measurement system in the maintenance of rotating machinery such as pumps, motors, gearboxes and compressors.

Vertical and horizontal machine corrections are monitored live on the screen.
OPTALIGN smart EX is delivered in a robust and valuable light-aluminum case which is suitable for hazardous areas. PDF reports can be generated and directly saved from the system onto a USB stick. The optional wireless Bluetooth module is certified ATEX/Ex/IECEx. It allows wireless data transmission from the sensor to the computer. This is a unique capability of PRUFTECHNIK alignment systems for hazardous areas.

OPTALIGN smart Firmware 3.20

This upgrade contains:

  • OPTALIGN smart Firmware version 3.20
  • Straightness firmware version 3.20 



This firmware version incorporates both the computer and the sensor firmware.
The sensor firmware is automatically updated to the latest version as soon as the sensor is connected to the computer.


What is new in OPTALIGN smart firmware version 3.20?

This OPTALIGN smart computer firmware supports the new sensor generation.


How to Upgrade computer firmware:

OPTALIGN smart - ALI 12.200 computer upgrade procedure

  1. Extract executable file to empty PRUFTECHNIK USB memory stick. Firmware will be stored in the OPTALIGN folder.
  2. Attach OPTALIGN smart EX to ALI 12.500 OPTALIGN smart adapter box.
  3. Insert PRUFTECHNIK memory stick into the adapter box.
  4. Switch on OPTALIGN smart EX. Update will autostart.  

Please ensure that battery capacity is at least 50% or that the ALI 12.500 adapter box is connected to ALI 12.651 mains adapter/charger.

NOTE: When the OPTALIGN smart EX is running, the USB Stick will NOT be recognised!
Update is only possible if the USB Stick is first connected to the adapter box and OPTALIGN smart EX is then booting up.