The power of precision shaft alignment

OPTALIGN smart RS5 - The power of precision shaft alignment

Smarter, faster, RS5


  • Alignment of horizontal, vertical and flange-mounted machines, coupled and uncoupled shafts
  • Sensor with XL HD detectors and MEMS inclinometer
  • Hundreds of positions are automatically measured during shaft rotation - SWEEP.
  • Live monitoring of horizontal and vertical corrections at any angular sensor position on the shaft - Concurrent Live Move
  • Flip machines functionality
  • Save measurement reports as PDF onto a USB stick
  • Bluetooth communication integrated in handheld unit and sensALIGN 5 
  • Straightness results on both axes with only one measurement (Option)



The OPTALIGN smart RS5 in action

With OPTALIGN smart RS5, shaft alignment has never been so smooth. The unique sensALIGN 5 contains two XL HD position-sensitive detectors and a MEMS inclinometer to precisely measure the exact position of the laser beam as the shafts are rotated.

With the continuous SWEEP measurement mode, hundreds of positions are automatically measured as shafts are rotated. Measurement can start in any direction with the sensors at any position. All relevant alignment results, including soft foot, are graphically displayed on one screen.


Smiley symbols clearly indicate the alignment status so that there is no need to interpret the results.

With concurrent Live Move, only one measurement is required to perform the required machine adjustments: no matter the position of the sensor on the shaft, Live Move enables to concurrently monitor the vertical and horizontal machine corrections live on the screen. This is extremely useful in case of restricted access to predefined shaft positions.

The Bluetooth module for wireless communication is included in the standard version.

PDF reports can be generated easily and directly saved from the system onto a USB stick.

Our alignment software is used for preparing, analyzing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports.

"The alignment of our machines can now be accomplished in just a short period of time, with time savings of several hours for each pump."

Head of service, Hydropower Industry



"This had made our job much less frustrating at times! And greatly improved alignment time!"

Mechanic Millwright



"Our work has been documented and can be used for internal quality assurance. That’s immensely important considering the strict regulations we need to comply with in the interest of maintaining excellent water quality."


Jochen Schwenz, Head of the Service Department, Haltern Waterworks of GELSENWASSER AG




OPTALIGN smart Firmware 3.20

This upgrade contains:

  • OPTALIGN smart Firmware version 3.20
  • Straightness firmware version 3.20 



This firmware version incorporates both the computer and the sensor firmware.
The sensor firmware is automatically updated to the latest version as soon as the sensor is connected to the computer.


What is new in OPTALIGN smart firmware version 3.20?

This OPTALIGN smart computer firmware supports the new sensor generation.


How to Upgrade computer firmware:

OPTALIGN smart - ALI 12.200 computer upgrade procedure

  1. Extract executable file to empty PRUFTECHNIK USB memory stick. Firmware will be stored in the OPTALIGN folder.
  2. Attach ALI 12.503 USB cable
  3. Connect PRUFTECHNIK memory stick to the USB cable.
  4. Switch on OPTALIGN smart. Update will autostart.
  5. Follow the instructions at the end of the upgrade process.

Please ensure that the device is charged or at least 50% battery capacity.



Measuring straightness in two dimensions
Measuring straightness