Extra light shims for machine alignment

MYLAR shims extra light, robust and so precise

MYLAR shims are extra light, easy to work with and ideal for travelers in global applications


  • Low-priced and much lighter than metal shims
  • Exactly 1 mm thick and easily peeled down in 0.1 mm layers to the required thickness
  • Do not deform and can be used repeatedly
  • Corrosive-resistant
  • Available in five sizes
  • Hand-peeled reducing danger of cuts during peeling
  • Easy to work with resulting in quick correction of soft foot and slanting foundations.
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MYLAR shims have a definite advantage over traditional shims by being extremely light.
The sheet has a total thickness of 1 mm and can easily be peeled off in 0.1 mm layers to the required thickness.
This eliminates problems arising from adjustment of shim thickness.

With increasing globalisation, service and maintenance crews find themselves operating worldwide.
As weight continues to play an important role in air travel, MYLAR shims have proved to be ideal for use in global applications.

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