Manage your plants, connect to the cloud and monitor the alignment history of your assets

ARC 4.0 - Trend-Monitoring of Alignment Status

The alignment software for managing measured machine data


  • Manage plants with an asset orientated machinery management
  • Real-time communication via cloud to ROTALIGN touch
  • Monitor the history and trend of the alignment status of assets
  • Analyze measurement data in detail and report
  • Consideration of bearing types and suggestion of adequate measurement modes
  • Library with customizable templates for assets, couplings, industrial couplings tolerances, measurement modes and reports
  • Coupling type optimized tolerances

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ARC 4.0 - User Interface Overview Alignment
ARC 4.0 - Cloud-based communication with ROTALIGN touch
ARC 4.0 - User Interface Assets Alignment

ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY CENTER 4.0 (ARC 4.0) is a Windows based software platform for PRUFTECHNIK alignment systems. The maintenance software is the central location for machine measurement data.

Using ARC 4.0, companies can map and manage entire facilities. Measurement results are saved under each specific asset within a facility. This ensures that the alignment condition are available at any time for every asset as measurement history (trend) and as detailed reports for analysis purposes.

A library with customizable templates and an automatic suggestion of measurement modes for different bearings makes the alignment process more than convenient.

A powerful reporting capability is of course also part of the software.

What’s new in ARC 4.0 software version 2.0?



        • Supports both OPTALIGN touch with sensALIGN 5 and ROTALIGN touch with sensALIGN 7


        Please note: ARC 4.0 Version 2.0 strictly requires touch device firmware Version 2.0 or higher to communicate


        System requirements

        The PC must meet the following system requirements for the ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY CENTER software to run properly:

        Operating systems: Windows 7 (32/64 Bit), Windows 8 (32/64 Bit),
        and Windows 8.1 (32/64 Bit), Windows 10
        Not supported are: Windows 8 RT and Windows 8.1 RT
        Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024
        CPU: Intel or AMD (x86 or x86-64)
        RAM: Minimum 1 GB
        Free disk space: Minimum 500 MB
        Ports: USB, Bluetooth or Wifi, depending on the device
        Installation: Internet