Next Generation Condition Monitoring

OMNITREND Center - Analysis editor-Multiview

The perfect software tool for vibration analysts

  • Easy graphical machine set up
  • Multiple standard machine templates
  • Central task and route configuration
  • Clear overview and status display of the monitored assets
  • Practical analysis tools
  • Interactive reports in HTML format
  • Advanced Modbus support for seamless communication with PLCs



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OMNITREND Center - Analysis editor-3D Waterfall

OMNITREND Center is the central software for PRUFTECHNIK’s handheld vibration measurement instruments and online condition monitoring systems.Easy measurement configuration, central data management, structured archiving, powerful analysis and reporting – all the functionalities you expect bundled in one intuitive software platform and made so easy to use that the learning curve is drastically reduced.

OMNITREND Center is available for single or multi-user environments. With its tree-based asset management structure, you can quickly orientate yourself through the measurements.

Vibration analysts find the OMNITREND Center interface very comfortable with advanced diagnostic tools that are easy to use. Frequency markers are automatically set up and make in-depth analysis of machine health faster and more accessible. Dynamic band alarming of overall values, FFT waterfall diagrams, statistical algorithms for trend prognosis and trend smoothing are just a few other outstanding features in OMNITREND Center.

An advanced interactive reporting tool provides the perfect way to share findings with the relevant departments and third party post-processing or CMMS software tools.




OMNITREND Center 2.4


 What's new in OMNITREND Center Version 2.4

  • Supporting all VIBGUARD IIoT devices featuring MQTT protocol (16/20 channels, compact, portable, Signalmaster and VIBROWEB)
  • Higher performance: route transfer 35 percent faster
  • Easy MQTT interface configuration
  • Bug fixes

System requirements OMNITREND Center Client / Single user

  • Display: 3D graphics card
  • Processor: Dual core 2.4 GHz or higher
  • Memory, RAM: 3 GB, 4 GB or higher recommended
  • Storage space: 5 GB free
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Professional, Windows 7 Professional


OMNITREND Center Server

  • Processor: Quad core 3 GHz (Windows 7 from 2.7 GHz).
  • Storage space: 15 GB free.
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Professional, Windows 7 Professional 64 bit (SP1), Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016
  • Memory, RAM: 6 GB, 16 GB or higher recommended


For Microsoft SQL Server workspaces

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or higher in any edition
  • For online systems you will have to use the standard edition or higher