The 5-in-1 data collector for hazardous environments

VIBROTIP EX data collector

A clever approach to measuring, displaying and storing five of the most vital condition indicators of rotating equipment in hazardous areas.


  • ATEX zone 1 rated
  • Designed for industrial use (IP 65)
  • Built-in sensors 
  • VIBCODE compatible
  • Easy to use 3-key operation
  • Compatible with the OMNITREND software for route-based data collection
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Data collection with VIBROTIP EX

The ATEX zone 1 rated VIBROTIP EX data collector allows you to monitor your rotating equipment in explosive environments such as refineries and chemical plants.

Five most-wanted measurements and an intrinsic save data collector all-in-one!

VIBROTIP EX offers a clever approach to measuring, displaying and storing five of the most vital indicators of rotating equipment condition. Imagine measuring vibration level, bearing condition (Shock Pulse method), cavitation, rotation speed and temperature with only one instrument!

Together with the OMNITREND PC software VIBROTIP EX provides detailed analysis and reporting capabilities on the PC. For route-based data collection, VIBROTIP EX can be programmed with all the required measurement tasks from the OMNITREND database.

The patented Tandem-Piezo dual function accelerometer built into the instrument is ideal for both vibration severity readings as well as reliable shock pulse measurement for diagnosis of bearing condition and pump cavitation. The contoured tip minimizes contact resonance.

As with all our data collectors and vibration analyzers, you will benefit from free software and firmware updates, and low ownership cost.