VIBCODE transducer

The VIBCODE transducer makes vibration data acquisition fast, easy and secure.

VIBCODE transducer

The intelligent sensor knows at all times where to measure and which measurement is the right one.


  • Easy data collection
  • Coded measurement locations
  • Stable connection via bayonet mount
  • Reproducible results
  • Tandem-piezo measuring element
  • Current line drive (CLD) signal amplification
  • Vibration acceleration, shock pulse (roller bearing condition), cavitation in pumps
  • Measures signals on low-speed machines (>2 Hz)
  • Intrinsic safety (option)

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Error-free data collection with VIBCODE

VIBCODE is the world's first intelligent system to ensure accurate data collection by any operator, thereby enhancing trending reliability and eliminating repeat measurements due to mixups.

The measurement stud is encoded with location number and measurement type. A special patented probe locks onto the stud to measure both vibration and bearing condition (shock pulse) with excellent signal transmission and repeatability.

It also allows the data collector to recognize each location and to take the programmed measurements fully automatically.