General Accessories

Practical equipment for nondestructive testing

Nondestructive testing accessories

PRUFTECHNIK offers a wide range of practical equipment for encoding, alarming, marking and calibration:

  • Encoders

  • Paint markers

  • Warning units

  • Test defect saw

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Pulse encoder

Pulse encoder for defect marking, sorting, and data reports independent of line speed. Robust design for harsh testing environment available.


Paint marker for material testing systems

Paint marker marks precise location of defects detected by test equipment.

  • Rugged construction for harsh testing environments

  • Available in two sizes with or without paint mixer


Warning unit for material testing systems

Warning units, e.g. horns or lamps, alert user to material defects or system errors

  • Optical unit: Lamp
    Flashes repeatedly to warn the user of material defects or system errors.

  • Acoustic unit: Horn
    Alerts the user to material defects and/or system errors.


Demagnetization Units

Demagnetization units serve to demagnetize material after inspection with the electromagnetic saturation unit using a constant field (DC) or an alternating field (AC). Available in various designs.

  • AC and DC versions, usually used in pairs

  • Test piece diameter: 0.1–227 mm (1/8–8 7/8 inches);

    larger sizes available on request

Test defect saw

Portable unit to saw standard defects in tubes, rods and billets

  • For sawing precise slots of standard depth, width and length used in calibrating eddy current test equipment

  • Small and light construction for convenient transport to test pieces on location

  • Narrow design for fitting between rollers, etc.

  • Simple switch between positions for sawing 0°, 45° and 90° slots

  • Can be used for grinding and sawing hard or soft materials

  • Available with self supporting bar or wire holder

  • Slot depth accuracy: 0.02 mm


Before it is used to test material, eddy current inspection equipment is precisely calibrated to find the defects specifically required by international standards (API, ASTM, etc.). To do this, test defects of a standard depth, width and length are sawed into a test piece. This has always been a challenge when faced with transporting massive billets and rods to a stationary test defect saw.

Now PRUFTECHNIK introduces a new portable saw that you can take to the test piece while it is still in the conveyor. Thanks to its narrow dimensions, it fits easily between inline rollers. It quickly and accurately produces standard slots in tubes, rods and billets.

We carry additional equipment for the calibration of eddy current inspection equipment. A special test defect saw is available for producing standard slots on the insides of tubes. In addition, we offer a test bench for use when calibrating the eddy current test equipment.