Geometric alignment services

Geometric measurements by the experts

Flange measurement

A solid base for stable production processes and maximum product quality with the definition of:

  • Surface straightness, flatness and level
  • Right angle
  • Parallelism of two surfaces
  • Alignment of bores
  • Thermal growth
  • Foundation movements.
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Turbine housing measurement

Most of the time, our services include several inter-related measurement tasks. After determining the straightness of rails, for example, we measure their parallelism. We document the flatness of the lower part of a float drier or a press in comparison with the counterpart component, to produce a differential image of the flatness of the surfaces.

Production lines in the metal or tire industries, for example, have material feeding devices requiring perpendicular alignment to the production process. We perform this measurement for you. We also determine the perpendicular alignment of material feeding devices to the rotational axes in the main line. It goes without saying that our service includes determining the flatness of the foundation for the overall plant.

The precise alignment of bores is crucial for marine propulsion systems, tire building machines, extruders and compressors.

If you already own a PRUFTECHNIK measurement device, we can show you how to use it and deliver training as part of our service.