Turbine alignment

Innovative measurement services for power generation

Measuring straightness of turbine diaphragm

Improve the efficiency factor of your turbine:

  • Measurement of gas, steam, wind and hydroturbines
  • Measurement of the turbine frame
  • Bearing alignment
  • Alignment of guide vane supports, shaft seals and oil rings
  • Allowance for rotor sag in steam turbines
  • Alignment of the entire drive train all the way to the generator
  • Determination of thermal growth.

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Turbine alignment services

Precise laser alignment of the components in steam, gas, wind and hydroturbines is one of our standard services.

As an independent service provider, we either work together with the manufacturer to measure your turbine or we make a neutral diagnosis.

Immediate electronic recording and storage of our measurements ensures comprehensive documentation.

Advantages of turbine alignment at a glance:

  • Shorten turbine installation and overhaul time
  • Increase life-time of coupled machines through accurate alignment
  • Detect misalignment straightaway
  • Prevent unplanned downtimes
  • Ensure optimized torque transmission.


Services for “classic” power plants applications:

  • Surface and foundation: Straightness and flatness measurements
  • Turbine alignment: Diaphragm straightness
  • Permanent alignment monitoring: Detect changes due to thermal growth or foundation settlements
  • Precise laser shaft alignment: Multi-coupling measurements.


Services for power generation from renewable sources:

In wind turbines we determine the gear and generator shaft alignment. PERMALIGN is used in wind turbines to identify the effects of different wind conditions on the drive train.
In hydroelectric power plants, common service requests include bore alignment of the support and guide bearings and the perpendicularity of the support bearing.
In pumped storage power plants we often measure the shaft alignment of the turbine and pump flange.